About The BCWA

The mission of The BCWA is to protect the integrity and biodiversity of the Boone Creek watershed ecosystem through partnerships that promote conservation, restoration, education and wise land-use planning.

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The Watershed

Visiting Boone Creek and its surroundings is like taking a journey back in time. The creek flows clear and cold, meandering slowly for 13 miles from its headwaters in Bull Valley before discharging in the Fox River in the City of McHenry, Illinois... encompassing a total of 23.4 square miles in east-central McHenry County, including Bull Valley, Woodstock, and unincorporated McHenry County.

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Boloria Meadows

Located within the Boone Creek watershed, Boloria Meadows is home to several types of communities that were once wide spread. The high quality fen and sedge meadow are the most outstanding natural features of Boloria Meadows.

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How To Volunteer

Join us for a Boloria work day or other event.

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Education & Outreach

can mean many different things – teaching children about the wonders of nature, showing a landowner how to remove buckthorn and honeysuckle from an old oak-hickory woodland to give big trees new life, helping someone with a small back yard plant a rain garden to soak up the water from the sump pump.

It also means participating in local government, helping our local officials and representatives learn about our environment and helping them to understand how much it means to us – their constituency.  Together, we can increase interest and involvement in finding ways to take care of this incredible area in which we have the pleasure of living.


means not only that organizations like the BCWA help protect and restore our woodlands and wetlands in the Watershed, but more importantly that individual landowners make the decision to involve themselves in these activities – not only at sites like Boloria, but on their own properties.  Remember, BCWA can give advice and guidance to get you started and to keep you going.  Stewardship is something we all do together!